Rash of break-ins has Long Reach on guard

December 08, 1993|By Ed Heard | Ed Heard,Staff Writer

A series of eight residential burglaries during the last two weeks has Long Reach residents locking their doors, depending on the family dog and taking other precautions.

Break-ins are common in many East Columbia neighborhoods, but police say the consistent method of entry makes them think the recent incidents may have been committed by the same burglars.

Police say the thieves typically burglarize single-family homes after first breaking a rear basement window. Electronic equipment such as videocassette recorders and loose jewelry usually are taken.

The break-ins, which began Nov. 24, have occurred between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. An unanswered doorbell or an empty driveway may attract the burglars, police said.

Randy Roach of the 8800 block of Tidesebb said that he had not heard about the robberies but that he still takes precautions. Cujo, the family Labrador retriever, is on guard.

"We lock it up, we got the dog -- the whole nine yards," said Mr. Roach.

County detectives have no suspects in the case, but they believe a pair of burglars is responsible because the property taken is usually too much for one person to carry.

Sgt. Stephen Prozeralik said investigators are checking to see whether the suspects might be from Baltimore, where a car stolen during one burglary was recovered.

"Crime's everywhere," said Joanne Cattrell of the 5700 block of High Tor Hill. "I'm worried about my family. You have to keep locked up as best you can. That's all you can do."

Jeff Grim of the 5600 block of Thelo Garth said he will not spend his time worrying about being burglarized because he does not want the stress.

"If it happens, there's not much you can do about it," Mr. Grim said. "It's a fact of modern life. You just have to be careful and be insured."

Since late November, the burglars have hit a number of East Columbia neighborhoods, including homes in the 8800 block of Youngsea Place; the 8500 block of Wild Wing Way; the 8500 block of Wind Dance Way; and the 5400 block of Treefrog Place. Thefts also occurred in the 8500 block of Dark Hawk Circle; the 6100 block of Campfire; the 8600 block of Cooperhawk Court; and the 8500 block of Window Latch Way.

Sergeant Prozeralik said that residents should especially be careful of burglars during the holiday season.

"Neighbors should watch out for each other and call 911 if they see anyone suspicious," he said. "[The robbers] are out shopping, too. They're just doing it illegally."

Anyone with information should call Howard County police at 313-2266 or 313-2220.

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