Aberdeen Eagles1992-93 record: 18-6. Coach: Ron Petrey.Top...

December 07, 1993|By John W. Stewart

Aberdeen Eagles

1992-93 record: 18-6. Coach: Ron Petrey.

Top players: Fred Cole, G/F, 6-2, Jr.; Mike Cromwell, F, 5-11, Sr.; Hosea Edwards, G/F, 6-2, Sr.; Steve James, F, 6-5, Sr.; Toby Jordan, C, 6-7, Sr.

Outlook: Petrey has to settle between 5-7 juniors Lamont Kerney and Jimmy Greene for starting point guard, but regardless this will be a different group than in recent years. There is only one returning starter (Edwards).

Bel Air Bobcats

1992-93 record: 10-13. Coach: Bill Georg.

Top players: Tony Belcastro, G, 5-7, Jr.; Ron Cardwell, C, 6-3, Jr.; Brian Grim, F, 6-3, Jr.; Ryan Kagay, F, 6-1, Jr.; Tony Mogavera, G, 5-9, Sr.

Outlook: Aside from Smith, this is a very inexperienced team. There have been some bright spots, but as Georg says, "We need to blend. Right now, we're five people running around."

C. Milton Wright Mustangs

1992-93 record: 8-14. Coach: George Constantine.

Top players: Chad Bowman, G, 6-0, Sr.; John Bowman, G, 6-0, Sr.; Shawn Crouch, C, 6-5; Sr.; Eric McEvoy, G, 5-8, Sr.; Brian King, F, 6-2.

Outlook: The Mustangs return four starters and the fifth, Shawn Crouch, saw a lot of playing time. Many of the players were on the regular-season summer league championship team.

Edgewood Rams

1992-93 record: 21-4. Coach: Bob Slagle.

Top players: Julius Christy, C, 6-5, Sr.; Chris James, G, 6-1, Sr.; Alfred McAllister, G, 6-3, Sr.; Kenton Worthington, G, 6-2, Sr.; Dwayne Winder, F, 6-3, Sr.

Outlook: Experience, depth and quickness are strengths, and lack of a true big man and outside shooting are weaknesses. As a result, the Rams will have to use their quickness.

Fallston Cougars

1992-93 record: 14-12. Coach: Robin Hood.

Top players: Dave Adam, F, 6-4, Sr.; Jason Dilutis, G, 5-10, Jr.; Ephraim Dorsey, F, 6-4, Sr.; Kernan Kelly, F, 6-4, Jr.; Jud Ryan, G, 6-1, Jr.

Outlook: This is another team that will have to hustle and play solid defense to stay in games. Still, it has a habit of playing the toughest against top teams.

Harford Christian Eagles

1992-93 record: 8-18. Coach: Ron Stief.

Top players: Phil Kojack, G, 5-10, Sr.; Tim Olinger, G, 6-1, Sr.; Jason Short, F, 6-0, Sr.; Neal Stark, G, 6-1, Sr.; Russell Turnmire, F, 6-0, Sr.

Outlook: A year ago, the Eagles struggled early, then came along to finish strong, winning the Maryland Association of Christian Schools tournament. From a 12-man squad, there are five experienced seniors.

Harford Tech Cobras

1992-93 record: 6-15. Coach: Jules Bernstein.

Top players: Huey Harris, F, 6-1, Jr.; Lechea Johns, G, 6-0, Jr.; Mike Radel, C, 6-2, Jr.; Mike Rodrigius, C, 6-1, Jr.; Pete Surette, G, 5-10, Soph.

Outlook: Improvement is on the way, at least in terms of numbers. Whereas 14 players were evenly divided between the varsity and JV a year ago, 35 reported this time and cuts were made for the first time in recent years.

Havre de Grace Warriors

1992-93 record: 6-16. Coach: George Leonard.

Top players: Scott Bramwell, G, 5-10, Jr.; Jon Carr, C, 6-0, Jr.; Jack Donaldson, G, 5-8, Jr.; Jeff Fox, F, 6-0, Sr.; Mike Gibson, F, 5-11, Sr.

Outlook: Former Aberdeen assistant coach Leonard already has worked his relate-and-motivate philosophy on his new team, with an emphasis on fundamentals.

John Carroll Patriots

1992-93 record: 18-7. Coach: Pat Goles.

Top players: Chris Babiak, F, 6-3, Sr.; Jose Callejon, F, 6-3, Sr.; Dan Gradishar, G, 5-11, Sr.; Jared Marmen, C, 6-7, Jr.; Jason Sealing, G, 5-10, Jr.

Outlook: The key player from an expected seven-player rotation is the 220-pound Marmen, as his play will dictate what those around him can do.

Joppatowne Mariners

1992-93 record: 11-10. Coach: Mike Bauer.

Top players: Wendell Davis, G, 5-11, So.; Darnell Everett, F, 6-0; Sr.; Chris Gephardt, C, 6-7, Sr.; Chuck Hunter, G, 5-6, Sr.; Alonzo McDowell, F, 6-0, Jr.

Outlook: The Mariners have one center and a lot of guards, which translates to quickness and good offensive movement if they can get the ball.

North Harford Hawks

1992-93 record: 7-16. Coach: Charles Griffith.

Top players: Dominic DiDeminico, G, 6-0, Sr.; Matt Miller, C, 6-1, Sr.; Nick Piotrowski, G, 5-10, Jr.; Jason Sikora, F, 6-2, Jr.; John Stearns, G, 5-10, Jr.

Outlook: With no player on the squad taller than 6-2, patience on offense and pressure on defense will be the key strategies for the Hawks.

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