Name of game is patience for Dragons

December 06, 1993|By Chuck Acquisto | Chuck Acquisto,Contributing Writer

The biggest change at Glenelg Country School is that last year's coach, Barbara Wolf, is now Coach Brummett, thanks to her Nov. 6 wedding.

While the Dragons coach's last name has changed, her basketball philosophy of a physical and balanced game has not since Glenelg Country finished 6-9 in the Association of Independent Schools last season.

"Most of my starters are sophomores or juniors, so, to some extent, we will continue to be patient on offense," Brummett said. "But we will run if given a fast-break opportunity."

Although the Dragons lost two starters, including leading scorer Gracia Walker (transferred to Glenelg High), Brummett's chief concern is her team's lack of height. Only junior Jenny Kocourek has the size for the low-post position. "She may be 5-10 with her hair up," said Brummett.

Joining Kocourek in the starting lineup will be 5-6 junior shooting guard Robin Zimmerly (7.0 ppg), sophomore point guard Megan Duzor, senior small forward Rowena Moukhi and junior guard Allison Hoke. Zimmerly is the Dragons' only three-point shooting threat.

Because there are 39 girls in the private high school, Brummett's bench consists of junior forward Beth Patton, senior forward Melissa Taylor, sophomore Sarah Nayeem and 5-9 freshman center Gordana Woodford.

Despite a nine-player roster, Brummett plans to use tough man-to-man defense.

"We'll only resort to zone out of necessity or to catch our breath," Brummett said. Brummett, a former Western Maryland basketball standout who finished with more than 1,000 points and rebounds, found this year's squad helping her relearn basketball's fundamentals.

"Working on their games with them, I've analyzed my own game and I've learned a lot as a young coach by getting back to the basics that I took for granted," Brummett said.

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