Man turns in handgun, receives concert tickets

December 06, 1993|By New York Times News Service

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Since he found a .357 Magnum in his backyard several years ago, Al Carey has had the powerful handgun hidden in a cardboard box in his garage.

Mr. Carey said he occasionally worried about the gun, although never tried to do anything about it. But this weekend he did. After driving across town to a Baptist church, he left it with police officers and in exchange, Mr. Carey got some peace of mind, and two tickets to a Luther Vandross concert, to boot.

In an unusual program organized by a local company, Bass Tickets, people can exchange guns for a pair of tickets that will get them into sports events, concert and comedy clubs, onto ski lifts or even buy them clothing or restaurant meals. The tickets are worth an average of $50 a pair. This weekend 67 guns were exchanged.

In the past two months, a similar program in Albuquerque, N.M., has collected 113 guns, according to TicketMaster of New Mexico.

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