Daughter of Luis and Georgina Terol and...


December 06, 1993

YAMILET TEROL, 18, daughter of Luis and Georgina Terol and sister of Luis Alex Terol, of Main Street in New Windsor.

School: Senior at Francis Scott Key High School.

Honored for: Becoming one of the highest-achieving students in the senior class, after overcoming language problems and leaving relatives in Cuba. She and her immediate family came to New Windsor 2 1/2 years ago as political refugees.

Goals: "I would like to be an engineer." She also would like to minor in education and said she would enjoy teaching.

Comments: "We knew the basics [of the English language] when we came, but I couldn't talk to you like I'm doing now. It was kind of difficult at first, but after a while, with TV and talking to people, it was easier. The difficult thing for us was we had to leave our family. We are a big family. I kind of miss it sometimes, but for now I love America, too."

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