Manchester to put water, sewer bills on postcards

December 05, 1993|By Staff Report

In a bid to save time and money, Manchester plans to switch this month to using postcards to bill water and sewer customers.

Town Manager Terry L. Short said the town could save about $800 a year by sending bills on postcards instead of in window envelopes -- even after paying to mail the town newsletter separately. The newsletter has been mailed with the water bills.

Mr. Short said it costs about 55 cents to print and mail each bill. Switching to postcards will cost about 22 cents to print and mail each bill, plus about 13 cents to mail each newsletter.

He said the change would save employees time spent stuffing newsletters into bill envelopes.

"We feel, if the newsletter isn't in an envelope, more people will read it," he said.

He said all four council members have given oral approval to the switch.

"I suggested that so long ago that it wasn't even funny," said Councilwoman Charlotte Collett.

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