Name George Fringer, of Westminster.Activities/Hobbies Mr...


December 05, 1993

Name George Fringer, of Westminster.

Activities/Hobbies Mr. Fringer fills his days volunteering for several Carroll County organizations.

He works at the Westminster branch of the Carroll County Public Library three or four days a week.

About one day a week, he works at the Carroll County Arts Council, where he is legislative liaison. He helps the group lobby for funding for arts programs and does clerical work.

Mr. Fringer, who was a media specialist in the Carroll County public schools for 30 years, is co-chairman of the legislative committee of the Carroll County Retired Teachers' Association. He helps track state legislation on subjects of interest to retirees, such as health insurance and protection of pension funds.

He also is a character actor. For 14 years, he has performed in "September Song," an annual musical production benefiting several Carroll County agencies working for people with mental disabilities.

Mr. Fringer is the librarian for Westminster United Methodist Church, where he is a member.

Organization's comments: "George is a very eloquent guy," said Hilary Pierce, executive director of the arts council. "George is a very creative guy."

She said his engaging personality, combined with his knowledge of the legislature and his relationship with some of legislators, make him well suited to his role as the council's legislative liaison.

Mr. Fringer "keeps us well informed," said Richard Hill, president of the Carroll County Retired Teachers' Association.

"He's always been outgoing and easy to talk to, and just an all-around interesting person."

Volunteer's comments: "I really have my hours filled more now than when I taught for 30 years," Mr. Fringer said. "You don't have time to sit around and think of yourself and your aches and pains, if you have any."

Asked if he gets tired, he said, "I haven't time to burn out."

He said that, during his years as a school librarian, he did a lot of clerical work that prepared him to handle tedious chores such as twice-weekly updates of the Standard & Poors reference books in the Westminster library.

"No one else wants that job," he said.

Some of his volunteer tasks are more challenging. For instance, he played the role of Oliver Hicks in this year's September Song production of "The Music Man."

For that role, Mr. Fringer, who sings bass in his church choir, had to learn to sing as a baritone in a barbershop quartet.

"I really had to work on this," he said.

Volunteer's background: Mr. Fringer, 55, was born in Hanover, Pa., and has lived in Westminster most of his life.

Besides his church and volunteer activities, he enjoys watching vintage television shows.

He said he hopes to perform Shakespeare if a Shakespearean drama troupe is formed in Carroll County.

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