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December 05, 1993


Editor: I am not usually the type of person to question authority, or to challenge the experts. But I feel that a recent article in The Sun Magazine warrants my comments: the Dining Out review of Sabatino's restaurant [Oct. 10.] by Elizabeth Large.

I certainly understand the position of the restaurant critic -- she is entitled to use her knowledge and expertise to formulate a judgment of her dining experience, and then pass on that opinion to interested readers.

My question is this -- just how valid is this one critic's opinion? Furthermore, what gives her the right to attempt to influence this restaurant's business by suggesting that " . . . the place wouldn't be so crowded on a weekday night"? Doesn't Ms. Large overstep her boundaries as a critic at this point?

As a longtime, loyal customer of Sabatino's, I obviously do not agree with Ms. Large's critique of this fine establishment.

I have been dining at Sabatino's for decades and have always thoroughly enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. This, of course, is my personal opinion, and I'm certain that the many hundreds of customers who pack the restaurant's dining rooms also share my point of view. Otherwise, why would they be there?

In her review, Ms. Large admits that "the rooms are always full of people, and everybody is having a good time."

Thus, as interested readers should we take the advice of one, supposed "expert" critic, or do we believe the regular customers who keep coming back and continue to have good dining experiences?

Elizabeth Large should stick to presenting her opinion, and refrain from speculating, and perhaps influencing the success or failure of a good and honest business.

I think the "expert" critic should face the facts -- Sabs is crowded on weekday nights because the customers are the true experts.

Anthony Palmisano


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