Ad for Orioles snags London prize


December 02, 1993|By Ross Hetrick | Ross Hetrick,Staff Writer

Baseball and rock 'n' roll seem to transcend national boundaries -- at least when it comes to advertising.

Trahan, Burden & Charles, a Baltimore advertising and public relations firm, recently snagged an international award for a frenetic 60-second commercial for the Orioles. The spot features speeded-up footage of Orioles players, interspersed with fans whooping it up and one person hoisting a slab of roast beef.

All this activity is set to the song "Go Play in The Yard," belted out by Little Richard.

The company received the London International Advertising Award in the category of original music and lyrics for a television or movie production. There were more than 7,226 entries in the contest that draws competition from more than 50 countries, TBC said.

Advance Business switches ad accounts

After 14 years of producing Advance Business Systems ads about how customers need the company so much, Eisner & Associates Inc. is no longer needed by Advance.

Advance is the largest locally based company that sells, rents and services copiers, fax machines and other equipment. In place of Eisner, it has decided to hire two firms: Stevenson-based Smith & Associates Advertising and Marketing for advertising, and Media Works Ltd. of Owings Mills for media placement.

"We are simply looking for a new approach to meet the needs of our present and future clientele," said Jeffrey Elkin, corporate communications manager for Advance.

Eisner created some memorable Advance commercials, featuring company President Alan Elkin rushing to the rescue of customers by dingy or by helicopter. "They need me," was the tag line.

Whether those commercials or their theme will survive the new arrangement is uncertain, Jeffrey Elkin said.

Coke goes tra-la-la with whimsical bears

What could be more in the Christmas spirit than a 7-foot, 900-pound beast that tears animals apart with its teeth?

In the world of television advertising, polar bears are the right ticket for Coca-Cola Co., which is bringing back its whimsical bears for a special holiday campaign.

The ads, which started last week and continue to the end of December, feature the big hairy guys skating around an Arctic ice rink. One bear, knocked into a snowdrift, finds Santa Claus at his side with a ready bottle of -- what else -- Coke.

In a commercial that ran earlier this year, the bears were watching the northern lights while sipping cola.

The bears are the creation of Creative Artists Agency of Beverly Hills, Calif., which is developing more than 30 commercials for the "Always Coca-Cola" campaign. The bears will also be featured in Winter Olympics-related advertising.

But Coke isn't stopping with commercials for the bears this time. A 6-inch stuffed version of the bears, complete with a Coke insignia stuck on the white fur, is available for a few dollars with the purchase of a meal at Roy Rogers and Hardee's outlets. A larger version is available at major retailers, including Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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