Alternatives weighed for sheltering homeless

November 30, 1993|By Staff report

A county committee is considering alternatives for sheltering Carroll's homeless after the Shoemaker House addiction center moves to Sykesville in the spring.

Shoemaker's program, operated by the Carroll County Department of Health, has doubled as an emergency winter shelter because it had beds, food and 24-hour staffing.

The program will move to Sykesville in the spring because of budget and space considerations, forcing the county committee on homelessness to look for alternatives.

Jolene Sullivan, the Carroll's director of citizen services, said the county could continue to use the addiction center after it moves to the Regan Recovery Center in Sykesville and transport the homeless to that town.

Most of the county's homeless are in Westminster, she said.

Her plan is to find about $6,500 in county money to pay for transport to Sykesville from Nov. 1 through March 31.

She said the county could transport the homeless in county cars and pay drivers $5 an hour for a maximum of three hours a night, could contract with Carroll Transit System or pay cabs a reduced rate. The latter option was suggested by Commissioner President Donald I. Dell, she said.

Sylvia Canon, director of Human Services Programs of Carroll County Inc., is exploring each option, Ms. Sullivan said.

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