Horse owner reports suspected abuse of filly

November 30, 1993|By Bill Talbott | Bill Talbott,Staff Writer

A 6-month-old filly on a farm near Westminster may have been the latest victim in a series of assaults on horses in Maryland and Virginia, state police said yesterday.

Owner Jean Lynch, of the 600 block of Morelock Schoolhouse Road, told police she noticed that the filly was very slow coming out of her stall Saturday, which was out of character for the animal. When she examined the young mare, Ms. Lynch discovered an "oily substance" around the animal's genitals, she told investigators.

Ms. Lynch said she noticed something was wrong when one of the horses was in the front pasture Friday morning and all the animals had been placed inside the barn Thursday evening. She said the incident probably happened between 9:30 p.m. Thursday and early Friday morning.

Police said the filly was physically in good health and not injured. Ms. Lynch speculated that the animal may have been given a tranquilizer.

A state police spokesman said yesterday that crime lab technicians were called to Ms. Lynch's farm to take samples of the substance, but that lab reports have not yet confirmed what the substance was.

Police said Ms. Lynch's neighbors reported that they did not see anything unusual, but did hear dogs barking early Friday.

There are no suspects in the latest incident, officers said.

Several horses in Carroll, Frederick and Montgomery counties and northern Virginia have been sexually molested recently and at least two were destroyed because of the severity of the mutilations, according to state police.

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