School boundary proposals scheduled near meeting's end

November 30, 1993|By Carol L. Bowers | Carol L. Bowers,Staff Writer

The Anne Arundel County Board of Education is scheduled to beginning looking tomorrow at newly proposed school boundary lines that can reduce attendance at key schools.

Acting School Superintendent Carol S. Parham has proposed changes in the Broadneck, Arundel, Meade, Old Mill and Chesapeake feeder systems -- eventually affecting about 1,600 students over the next few years.

The board is expected to take up the issue toward the end of its daylong meeting, which begins at 10:30 a.m.

"There is not going to be a time in the next 15 years in which we're going to have a year where there are no overcrowding issues," said Michael K. Raible, director of construction and planning for Anne Arundel schools. "Do you bite the bullet now, or do you say let's put off the redistricting until some other time? Or, you could fix the worst problems and begin a study on a long-range redistricting plan. They don't have to decide anything about redistricting until Jan. 5."

Dr. Parham's proposal addresses the worst crowding problems next fall, although some aspects of her plan are contingent on construction of new schools or additions over the next few years.

In the Broadneck High feeder system, once ninth-graders move into an addition to the high school scheduled to be completed in 1996, Dr. Parham proposes establishing new attendance areas for Severn River and Magothy River middle schools. Under her plan, students from Broadneck and Cape St. Claire elementaries would go on to Magothy River Middle. Students at Arnold, Belvedere, Windsor Farm and Annapolis elementaries would go on to Severn River Middle.

Another move would affect students in the Arundel, Meade and Old Mill feeder systems. Four Seasons Elementary students and children living in Walden, Chapman Farms, Crofton Chase, Charing Cross, Woodwardville, Conway and Wilson Town would attend Arundel Middle next fall.

In addition, when Meade Heights Elementary opens in 1995, students from the Seven Oaks community would be assigned there. Parents from the area are already opposing that idea and have presented two alternate plans of their own.

Another part of Dr. Parham's proposal is contingent upon the completion of a new Meade Area Middle School in 1996. When it opens, all sixth-graders in the Meade feeder system would be able to attend a middle school instead of elementary schools, and students from Severn Elementary would be reassigned from the Old Mill feeder system to the Meade feeder system.

In the Chesapeake feeder system, Dr. Parham has proposed assigning all fifth-graders to Chesapeake Bay Middle School, which would be organized to function as two schools, one for fifth- and sixth-graders, the other for seventh- and eighth-graders. As part of that move, students from the Chelsea Beach area -- now split between Jacobsville and Lake Shore elementaries -- would move to Lake Shore Elementary.

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