Westervelt, 89, keeps on rolling as league secretary in Glen Burnie

November 28, 1993|By DON VITEK

Bill Glover, who bowls in the Tuesday Men's Metropolitan League at Bowl America Glen Burnie, says that 89-year-old Frank Westervelt is "the best league secretary I've ever seen."

"He always has the score sheets ready on time. He's always on top of everything. He's just great."

Westervelt said: "I've been involved with tenpins here ever since I moved here. That was in 1961, but I bowled in Columbus [Ohio], of course. I've been around bowling for a while, and so has Mary [his wife]."

Mary doesn't bowl anymore, but Frank just dropped the weight of his bowling ball to 14 pounds and tries to ignore the arthritis in his hands.

"That's the same ball I've used for 10 to 12 years," he said. "I've thrown some pretty good games with it."

Indeed, he has -- his career-high set is 647, and his high game (278) was just a fraction of an inch from 300.

"I remember that game all right," he said. "The seven-pin stood in the fifth frame, and that night I threw 14 strikes out of 15 boxes but couldn't get the perfect game."

What he does get is re-elected as league secretary every year.

"I've been secretary since the 1967-68 season. That's what, 25, 26 years, and I really don't run for the office but they keep electing me," he said. "Working with numbers seems natural to me. I was an accountant and office manager before I retired."

Members of the Men's Metropolitan League can rest easy: Westervelt will continue as league secretary as long as they keep electing him.

Dueling 190-plus games

If you're a duckpin bowler, you know that 190 games don't come easy.

But in the Friday night Sunset Beach Mixed League at Riviera Bowl, they're throwing 190 games as if there's no tomorrow.

On Nov. 5, Ken Magersupp rolled a 193 and his teammate, Eric Massey, fired a 194.

On the next lanes over, Jay Joran matched Magersupp frame for frame for an identical 193 game.

Joran, originally from Brooklyn Park but now living in Glen Burnie, started bowling duckpins in the fifth grade.

"I only bowl in the one league," he said. "But that night I was in a zone."

The 120-average bowler started slowly, throwing a 116; then, in the second game, the duel with Magersupp began.

In the fourth frame of the second game they began matching strikes, and more strikes, five in a row.

"I had the 3-7 split in the ninth frame," Joran said. "But I still had a shot at a 200 game but I chopped in the 10th."

The 193 was short of Joran's career high single game of 206. He added a 152 third game for a 461 set that was short of his lifetime three-game series of 482.

Magersupp, a bowler for 20 years who was born and raised in Baltimore, averages 134 and has a career-high set of 480.

"That Friday night at Riviera Bowl was really a blast," he said. "Jay and I were just about in the same frame on the second game and we both had a chance for the 200 game and we both chopped in the 10th."

Even their three-game sets were almost identical: Joran with 461, Magersupp with 465.

"I used to bowl several nights a week," he said. "Now it's just the Friday league."

He's not a stranger to pressure on the duckpin lanes. In 1985 he was part of the youth team that won the Maryland state championship and then came close to winning the national championship.

"The other team had finished ahead of us," he said. "We knew exactly what we needed. We came up just one pin short."

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