Howard's Young Jr. on a roll


November 28, 1993|By DON VITEK

A lot of practice is paying off for Billy Young Jr. The Columbia youth bowler, a sophomore at Howard High School, is progressing steadily up the tenpin scoring ladder.

Bowling since he was 11, he is starting to put impressive numbers on the board.

Last spring, when he was still 14 years old, Billy already had posted a high game of 257 and a high set of 654 and was averaging 183 with his 16-pound Columbia 300 ball.

Bowling in the Saturday morning Young American Bowling Alliance Varsity Division at Columbia, he has made remarkable improvements in his game.

On Nov. 6, he posted games of 277, 210 and 232 for a 719 series. In the first game, he opened with four strikes, picked up a three-pin spare shot and then, as the pros say, "took it off the sheet" with strikes in every remaining frame.

Now using a Nuke bowling ball and averaging more than 200, it appears to be just a matter of time until he posts his first 300 game.

Aiming for a pro career

Josh Kordela of Brooklyn has graduated from the YABA and is bowling in the Anytime/Funtime league at Brunswick Normandy

and on the Essex Community College bowling team.

An employee of Brunswick at Normandy lanes, he spent last season bowling on the Erie Community College team in Buffalo, N.Y. After his return to the Baltimore area, he secured the leadoff position on the Essex CC team and started to work toward one of his bowling goals.

"I'd like to average over 200 on the lanes for the season," Kordela said. "I'm 19 years old now, and I'm looking forward to the PBA Tour later. That's a definite goal right now."

In Buffalo, he worked in a pro shop and now fits and drills his own bowling balls.

"You name and I've got it," he said of his bowling ball collection.

Already he's talking like a pro.

And starting to post numbers the same way. His average is in the 190s, and on Nov. 3 he rolled games of 214, 289 and 212 for a 715 series.

That's still short of his career game and set of 290 and 751, respectively. It was just a week before his 289 game that he threw the 290 game and an additional 700-plus series as a substitute in the Westinghouse league at Normandy.

One of those great nights

Linda Janes of Mount Hebron started bowling duckpins as a youngster.

"I guess I've been bowling tenpins for about 17 years now," she said. "It's a game that's always a little different because of the changing lane conditions, and I like that challenge."

She meets that challenge very well, holding a 171 average in two leagues, the Wednesday Social Security and the Thursday Get Together at Brunswick Normandy.

"I'm using a 14-pound Purple Hammer right now," she said. "Joe Bonney of the Bowlers Pro Shop fitted and drilled it for me and it's working great."

Throwing that ball in her usual down-and-in style with just "a little bit of a hook," she put up some imposing numbers in the Social Security league recently.

On Nov. 10, Janes had a 675 series with 208, 210 and 257 games.

Her previous high game had been in the 240s; her high set had been just above 600.

"Everything just came together for me that night," Janes said. "The lane conditions were just right. The ball was breaking just the way I'd like it. It was just one of those great nights that everyone has once in a while."

The 257 game started with a spare, the second frame was open and then Janes threw eight straight strikes with a nine-count on the end.

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