Redistricting of 4 Aberdeen schools favored as way to cut overcrowding

November 28, 1993|By Suzanne Loudermilk | Suzanne Loudermilk,Staff Writer

An Aberdeen committee has come up with recommendations for redistricting four elementary schools to reduce overcrowding and create a more balanced social and economic mix among students.

The 21 members, representing teachers, parents, citizens and community leaders, have been meeting since July to formulate the plan involving Bakerfield, Hall's Cross Roads, Hillsdale and Roye-Williams elementary schools in Aberdeen.

"It took so long because the committee physically visited all four schools," said committee chairman Douglas S. Wilson, who is president of the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce.

The committee will be putting the proposals into formal written form during December for presentation to the Harford County school board in January. The panel was commissioned by the school board "to study the long-range potential to best serve the needs of the students."

"We asked the committee to establish boundaries and develop proposals," said Albert F. Seymour, deputy superintendent of Harford County schools. Mr. Seymour served as a consultant to the committee.

The group set out to meet a number of goals for each school, including class and school size and creating a better racial and socioeconomic balance.

The committee was an outgrowth of the Church Creek Elementary School redistricting group that met last spring to determine the attendance area for the new Belcamp school, which is scheduled to open in 1994.

Ninety-five students are to be taken out of Hillsdale Elementary and 26 out of Bakerfield Elementary to attend Church Creek.

Currently, there are 2,180 students attending the four Aberdeen schools. But that number would be expected to decrease for the 1994-1995 school year, with 121 students moving to Church Creek, Mr. Seymour said.

The area is experiencing a population growth, so the spaces would fill up again quickly, he said.

The following recommendations are to be presented to the school board Jan. 10:

* That 73 Bakerfield students be transferred to Hall's Cross Roads Elementary.

* That 45 Bakerfield students be transferred to Hillsdale Elementary.

* That 68 prekindergarten and kindergarten students at Hall's Cross Roads go back to Bakerfield. (In 1986, prekindergarten and kindergarten students from Bakerfield were moved to Hall's Cross Roads as a temporary solution to crowding.)

* That there be no student changes at Roye-Williams Elementary.

After the January meeting, a public hearing will be held before the school board votes on the proposals at its February meeting.

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