Two men and teen-ager charged with having guns

November 24, 1993

Two Severn men and a teen-ager who told police they came to Brooklyn to "settle the score with some boys" were caught by officers with a trunk full of guns and ammunition Monday night, county police said yesterday.

Officer Samuel Sweet was on patrol on Doris Avenue near Fourth Street at 8:30 p.m. when he noticed a blue Hyundai Excel in front of him. He checked the computer to see if the car had been stolen, and while it had not, the license plate belonged to a Cadillac.

Officer Sweet ordered the driver to stop. When he looked in a window of the car, he saw a clip of 9 mm ammunition sitting on the -- board, the police report said.

He told the three men in the car to get out and searched them.

The driver told Officer Sweet his guns were in the trunk. He said he came to Brooklyn to find the men who robbed his girlfriend and "set things straight."

Inside the trunk, police found one 9 mm handgun, one 12-gauge shotgun, two 9 mm magazines, and shotgun ammunition.

Police charged Corey Jemal Barnes, 24, of the 1700 block of Circle Road in Severn; Tony Matthews, 21, of the same address, and Jason Daniel Bovee, 16, of the 8500 block of Pioneer Drive in Severn with handgun violations. The Bovee youth was charged as an adult.

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