Son of Michael and Patricia...


November 22, 1993

BRETT WHITSON, 11 1/2 , son of Michael and Patricia Whitson of Doris Avenue in Westminster.

School: Sixth-grader at Westminster East Middle School.

Honored for: Achieving an average golf score of 100 as he plays alongside his father and grandfather, George Geir. The people he's played include Western Maryland College President Robert Chambers.

When Brett was 5, his grandfather, an avid golfer, had a set of old clubs cut down to size for the boy. Brett has been playing ever since.

Goals: "I want to be a professional golfer."

Comments: "It was hard [at first], because I couldn't hit the ball very far, and I got frustrated," Brett said.

Now, he plays regularly with his father and grandfather with junior-size clubs. He plays basketball, baseball and volleyball, but says golf's his favorite.

"I like to play golf. It's enjoyable."

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