75 Years Ago* Yesterday, "Great Britain Day" was observed...


November 21, 1993|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

75 Years Ago

* Yesterday, "Great Britain Day" was observed at the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Annapolis with the Rev. H. W. Burgan giving a lecture on "Our Obligation to Great Britain." On Dec. 13, a similar observance will be held in the House of Delegates with Judge Robert Moss presiding. -- The Sun, Dec. 9, 1918.

* Postmaster T. J. Linthicum and staff in Annapolis have been swamped with Christmas mail with critical staff out with the flu. Motor Route A has been without mail since Friday. For the first time, there has been a mail delivery on Sunday while customers at the stamp window have been forced to wait more than an hour for service. -- The Sun, Dec. 24, 1918.

* Anne Arundel County will fight the proposal for a pig-and-garbage farm to be placed near Graveyard Point in the Third District. -- The Sun, Dec. 12, 1918.

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