Is Sun Biased Toward Bentley?I am disappointed at reading...


November 21, 1993

Is Sun Biased Toward Bentley?

I am disappointed at reading so many repeat articles such as the one Oct. 24 as to just what Helen Bentley's plans are for her future.

Why not devote a quarter of a page spread telling us a little about William Shepard and Ellen Sauerbrey? Be sure to include a lovely color photo as you have done for Ms. Bentley.

Just how old are the announced Republican candidates for governor? Are they married? I know Mr. Shepard is, because he ran with his wife last time. All we read about him is that he got 40 percent of the vote last time. He is a retired foreign service officer. How long did he serve? What areas of the world is he most knowledgeable about?

Maybe he could help us get all that Kuwait business that Gov. William Donald Schaefer was going to get. . . .

Now, what about Ellen Sauerbrey? Is she a retired teacher from Baltimore County? She was the only voice I heard during the 90-day session of the legislature trying to cut down on foolish spending. What did she hope to accomplish if we the taxpayers gave her more Republican delegates in the legislature?

John J. Miara


The Show Went On

On behalf of the Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, I would like to express my gratitude to the many county employees who worked and volunteered to help the chamber during our sponsorship of the annual Halloween Safety Party on Oct. 31.

Due to inclement weather, a last-minute relocation of the event to the parking garage in Glen Burnie had to be accomplished.

The road operations crew and the county police did an outstanding job of closing the roads and redirecting traffic.

The staff at the parking garage and the Arundel Center North all pitched in to help direct lost volunteers and trick or treaters, move tables, chairs, candy and much more.

When it was determined that the parking garage lacked enough electricity to run the event, facilities engineers found a way to run electrical lines over the roof and the fire department provided our band with a generator, each providing that little bit extra that enabled us to "go on with the show."

All of these county employees gave above and beyond the requirements of their jobs, in the most miserable of weather, to ensure a safe, successful Halloween party for our children in North County.

To each of these dedicated employees: Thank you. We couldn't have accomplished it without your help.

Pamela Kaizar

Glen Burnie

The writer is executive director of the Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce.

More Holiday Thanks

The traditions of Halloween arouse many special childhood memories. . . . For this reason, my wife, office staff and I sponsored a Halloween party for Anne Arundel County foster children to ensure that they will grow up with these memories as well.

We wanted them to dress up in costumes, make scarecrows, bob for apples, make pumpkin faces, hear spooky stories and "trick or treat" safely just as we did as kids. So on Oct. 27, we welcomed a room full of ghosts, pumpkins, tigers, cartoon and storybook characters, clowns and super heroes to a party on BTC their behalf, where all the games and animation of a safe Halloween took place.

In an effort to provide all of the children with adequate materials for a variety of Halloween activities, we sent a letter to many county dentists and oral-medical specialists asking if they, or any member of their staff, would like to participate.

Their response was tremendous and when the day of the party arrived, my Arnold office lobby was filled with old clothes, pumpkins, candy, apples, toothbrushes, toothpaste and financial contributions for decorations and all the extras that made the evening a wonderful "treat" for all.

Every child took home a full-size scarecrow body with a pumpkin head, balloons, a bag full of candy and a great Halloween memory that could not have been provided without the help of the following contributors: Drs. Robert Martin and John Benkovich and their entire staff; Drs. Jay Tull and Gregg Behling and their entire staff; Dr. Karen Klocko; Drs. Robert Cook, John Davliakos and William Finagin; Dr. Kim Shapiro, and Dr. Paul Kinsey's staff members, Stacey Itzel and Elaine Diffendal.

We would also like to thank The Sun for helping us spread the word with an announcement, and the following area residents and organizations, especially our story-teller, Dottie Gadd, for their overwhelming support: Pam Purkey, Nancy Gadd, Diane Miller, Jean Smith, Evelyn McPherson, Ed Franco, LouAnn Evans and James Wirth.

A special thank you is also expressed to the North Arundel Hospital public relations department for fluorescent safety bands and "treat" bags; Tobin Feed and Supplies hay; the Department of Agriculture for donating a room, and Debbie Ford of The Foster Parents Association for all of her assistance.

Richard B. Gardens


DeAngelis For Sheriff

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