From The Sun Nov. 21-27, 1843Nov. 21: The last Hagerstown...


November 21, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Nov. 21-27, 1843

Nov. 21: The last Hagerstown News says: "There's been a row down to St. James' Hall -- windows broke, lamps smashed, furniture overturned and so forth." St. James' Hall is the college in Washington County, Md., established under the patronage of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State.

Nov. 25: Illness of the President -- A gentleman who arrived in the cars from Washington last evening states that President Tyler was very much indisposed on Thursday evening and yesterday. He is attended by Dr. Thomas.

From The Sun Nov. 21-27, 1893

Nov. 21: The sixty-seventh annual report of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, for the year ended June 30, 1893, makes an excellent showing of earnings, gross and net.

Nov. 23: The opening ball of the Phoenix Club last night in the beautiful home of the organization, on Eutaw Place above Mosher Street, introduced a number of debutantes and was a brilliant opening of the season's gayeties. The ladies in their handsome gowns made the ballroom bright when the orchestra struck the chords of the grand promenade.

From The Sun Nov. 21-27, 1943

Nov. 21: The S.S. John F. Goucher Liberty ship, named for the Methodist leader and educator who founded Goucher College, will be launched Tuesday at the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard.

Nov. 22: First Lieutenant John J. Hoerr, of 6007 Sefton Avenue, who had been missing in action since October 10, now is a prisoner of war of Germany, the International Red Cross informed his family last week.

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