Warrant issued for search of Jackson if he returns

November 17, 1993|By Jay Maeder and Gerard Evans | Jay Maeder and Gerard Evans,New York Daily News

Elusive pop star Michael Jackson faces a police strip-search when -- or if -- he returns to U.S. soil, it was confirmed yesterday.

The 13-year-old boy who has accused Mr. Jackson of molesting him has reportedly given Los Angeles police a detailed description of the singer's genitals. A source close to the investigation said yesterday that, on the strength of that description, a judge has signed a warrant ordering Mr. Jackson to submit to a physical examination.

The boy's lawyer, Larry Feldman, would neither confirm nor deny the report.

"We would like to keep some surprises in store for Mr. Jackson," Mr. Feldman said.

Mr. Jackson's legal team appeared increasingly worried. "All this is incredible," said one lawyer, Howard Weitzman. "We have not yet had the chance to depose the boy -- and when we do, we will find out what he has told police."

Meanwhile, in response to mounting legal pressure, lawyersfor Mr. Jackson have accused police officers of telling outrageous lies and of using "any device to generate potential evidence" against the entertainer.

"I am advised that your officers have told frightened youngsters outrageous lies, such as, 'We have nude photos of you' in order to push them into making accusations against Mr. Jackson," lawyer Bertram Fields wrote in an Oct. 28 letter to Police Chief Willie L. Williams.

"There are, of course, no such photos of these youngsters, and they have no truthful accusations to make. But your officers appear ready to employ any device to generate potential evidence against Mr. Jackson."

Mr. Fields added that "these tactics are not merely inappropriate, they are disgraceful."

Mr. Fields' accusations are attached to a motion in the boy's lawsuit against Mr. Jackson and were obtained yesterday by the Los Angeles Times. They were dismissed by the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission and derided by the lawyer for the boy whom Mr. Jackson allegedly molested.

Mr. Jackson remained out of sight yesterday, five days after he abruptly canceled his current world tour and disappeared.

Press frenzy mounted in London, where some reports have had Mr. Jackson checked into a drug-rehab program at the exclusive Charter Nightingale Clinic. Mobs continued to hold vigil outside the hospital, hoping for a glimpse of the 35-year-old singer.

Mr. Fields acknowledged in Los Angeles earlier this week that the vanished megastar is undergoing up to eight weeks of treatment for whathe called a life-threatening addiction to prescription painkillers, but he refused to say where Mr. Jackson is.

Reports that Mr. Jackson had been a weekend guest at a resort hotel in the French Alps proved unfounded.

Meanwhile, the singer's list of canceled shows may now include his scheduled Dec. 11 charity concert in Atlantic City, it was learned yesterday.

His family issued a statement that it is "conducting its own independent review of the circumstances currently surrounding Michael" and will make another announcement before tomorrow night.

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