Student: Amber Hughes, 14, freshman at Glen Burnie Senior...


November 15, 1993

Student: Amber Hughes, 14, freshman at Glen Burnie Senior High School

Accomplishments/ Interests: Amber is ranked sixth in the country in motocross racing's women's amateur division after the national races held in Loretta Lynn, Tenn., in August.

"I usually race all guys," she said. "The only time I race girls is at the nationals." She also has won state championships in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Amber started eight years ago on an 80cc motorcycle and has since amassed "300-and-some trophies," she said. "I've raced all up and down the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Florida."

She has moved up to a 125cc bike that she rides on a motocross track in her backyard, off Point Pleasant Road.

Thanksgiving week will bring yet another big race, the "Mini-Olympics" in Gainesville, Fla. "There will be riders from Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii, all over the world," Amber said.

"They have a big Thanksgiving dinner for everyone," she said. "And you race all day on Thanksgiving."

The Hughes family will leave on Nov. 19 and return Nov. 29.

Amber said her parents enjoy the travel. "They never complain," she said. "They like it because we get to meet so many people."

While racing and jumping, she managed to keep a 3.7 grade point average at Marley Middle School. She is enrolled in honors classes at Glen Burnie.

She is a member of the pom-pom squad and is looking forward to a dance class next semester.

She likes ballet and modern dance, "and this class will be a mix of every style, but I like jazz the best," Amber said.

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