Burglars vandalize church, spray chemical from fire extinguisher

November 15, 1993

Burglars who broke into a Shady Side church last week weren't satisfied with taking an amplifier and a microphone. They ransacked the building, spraying a dry-chemical fire extinguisher over the interior, police said.

"Every room in the church was completely covered with the dry powder chemical," a police report said.

"This act was a mean act of vandalism," the report said, which "caused a great deal of damage to the interior and the contents of the church."

Police were called to St. Matthew's United Methodist Church, in the 6300 block of Shady Side Road, Wednesday morning by a secretary who found the front door open.

The burglars broke into the pastor's office and then ransacked the office, chapel, kitchen, rest rooms and storage area.

Police said the burglars also destroyed a Thanksgiving Harvest scene that was on the porch of the church.

The only items reported missing were a microphone stored in the pastor's office and an amplifier from behind the pulpit that was part of the public address system. The items were worth $400.

The police report says there were no signs of forced entry and the door to the church may have been left unlocked. Evidence technicians did photograph several footprints left in the dry powder.

Man arrested on drug charges

A Washington man was arrested at a Clay Street pool hall Thursday evening on charges of possession of several large rocks of crack cocaine.

Annapolis police have charged Tommy Jones Jr., 25, known as Bug, with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute. Mr. Jones was being held Friday on $70,000 bond at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center.

Police recovered 26.4 grams of cocaine in a plastic sandwich bag.

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