* Jill Tweedie, 57, a leading feminist writer and...


November 15, 1993

* Jill Tweedie, 57, a leading feminist writer and journalist, died Friday from motor neuron disease in London. She wrote several books, including "Letters From A Faint-Hearted Feminist," and an autobiography, "Eating Children."

* Margaret Chenery Carmichael, 74, a developer who once was a part-owner of famed racehorse Secretariat, died Nov. 7 in Tucson.

* Forrest V. Sorrels, 92, a retired Secret Service agent who was in the motorcade where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, died Nov. 6 of respiratory failure in Dallas. He was riding in the car in front of the president on Nov. 22, 1963.

* Margaret Nedeau, 88, a publicist who conceived the idea of giving away coconuts and miniature palms nationwide to promote Miami Beach, died Nov. 6.

* May Lemke, 93, foster mother of musical savant Leslie Lemke, died Nov. 6 in Arpin, Wis. She was the subject of the movie "The Woman That Willed a Miracle," starring Cloris Leachman. Her 41-year-old retarded foster son is an extraordinarily talented pianist.

* Alice Basto Tondel, 80, the woman known as Mom to thousands of Harvard University Band members, died Nov. 4 in Cambridge, Mass. She was the band's volunteer coordinator for 37 years, traveling with the group, counseling students and editing the band's newsletter.

* Allan Hoover, 86, son of President Herbert Hoover, died Nov. 4 in Portola Valley, Calif., after a brief illness.

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