Sanzo Nosaka Ousted communist


November 15, 1993

TOKYO -- Sanzo Nosaka, a founder of Japan's Communist Party who was expelled for allegedly betraying a fellow party leader, died at his home yesterday of old age, his family said. He was 101.

He helped found the party in 1922, became chairman of its Central Committee in 1958 and was named honorary chairman in 1982. He was expelled Dec. 27, 1992, in connection with the 1939 execution in the Soviet Union of fellow leader Kenzo Yamamoto.

The party said it had a copy of a letter that Mr. Nosaka wrote to the Communist International in Moscow in 1938. He wrote that Yamamoto might have been communicating secretly with the Japanese police after going to the Soviet Union in 1928. Yamamoto was shot for his alleged spying. Nosaka confirmed the letter was his and told the party Central Committee he had nothing to say about it, the party said.

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