A little something for all in NautilusCD 'Magazine' offers unexpected delights

November 15, 1993|By Mike Langberg | Mike Langberg,Knight-Ridder News Service

NautilusCD calls itself a "multimedia magazine," but it's really more of a multimedia yard sale -- a place to rummage for unexpected treasure.

Every month, Metatec Corp. of Columbus, Ohio, sends out a disk full of software demos, photos, games, articles, music samples and computer tips. There's often little rhyme or reason to what's included, but there's almost always something interesting.

Metatec, a manufacturer of CD-ROM disks, started a CD-ROM magazine for the Macintosh called Nautilus in 1990 and added a Windows edition in 1991; the company says it has 11,000 subscribers. The October issue has been renamed NautilusCD to highlight a major redesign.

The redesign gives NautilusCD the look of a slick print magazine, with bold red headlines for each of the five subject sections and a more elegant mix of text and graphics. But the content hasn't changed much -- NautilusCD still tilts heavily toward hard-core computer users.

Three of the five sections are devoted to computing -- "desktop media," on desktop publishing and multimedia presentations; "industry watch," with news and press releases on the computer business;and "computer ware," offering shareware and software demonstrations. Even the other two -- "entertainment" and "education" -- are studded with games and demos.



* Category: Magazines

* Developer: Metatec Corp.; (800) 637-3472

* Format: Windows, Macintosh

* Price: $137.40 per year

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