In Blizzard family, Jr. gets average into upper reaches


November 14, 1993|By DON VITEK

Wilson Blizzard Sr. and Jr. both are duckpin bowlers. Last season Wilson Sr. averaged in the high 130s and Jr. in the low 140s.

But this year the younger Blizzard is pounding the pins at a little higher rate, holding 154 currently in the Monday Quads at Fair Lanes Westview.

Better know as Whipper, a nickname that his father gave him, the younger Blizzard appears to be headed for a career year.

The Hampstead resident has been bowling for 20 of his 23 years. He bowls in the Friday Travel League, too.

"Dad started me bowling as soon as I could manage to throw a ball down the lane," he said, "and, of course, since Dad was a good bowler I had a ready-made coach. Dad bowled in the pro [travel] league for years.

"Last year I dropped out of the travel league because we were finishing after midnight and by the time I got home it was close to two o'clock and then I had to drive to the University of Maryland to get to work. This year the travel league has started bowling a little early so I'm able to bowl in it and still get some rest."

On Nov. 1 at Westview Blizzard Jr. got hot. In the first game of the three-game series he marked in eight frames and scored a solid 171. The second game he filled every frame but one and posted a 193. The third game he marked in every frame and the result was a 201 game and a superb 565 series.

"It was an odd series," he said. "With all those marks I only threw two doubles out of the 27 frames I marked in."

The 201 was short of his career high single game of 231 but the 565 surpassed his previous high set by 38 pins.

"I still remember that 231," he said. "I only picked up four pins with my last count ball and at that time you received money for a 235 game."

Why the sudden surge in average and the remarkable 565 series?

"Well, that's a tough league," he said. "A lot of the guys are holding averages over 150 on Monday nights at Westview and that particular night I was pretty tired when I got to the center so I probably was taking a little [speed] off my ball and not rushing, taking my time."

A championship roll

Bob Quental of Hunt Valley bowls in two Baltimore County centers, Wednesday at Fair Lanes Dundalk and Sunday at Brunswick Crown in Middle River.

And in a lot of National Amateur Bowler Inc. and Free State tenpin tournaments.

"I guess I'm on a roll," Quental said. "Since Memorial Day I've won seven tournaments."

The latest victory came on Oct. 31 at Fair Lanes Ritchie in a NABI event.

"I'm still having some problems with my knees," he said. "And that's slowed me down on the approach so maybe I'm bowling better because of that."

Quental put a lot of stress on his knees as a lifelong athlete. He has had five operations on the right knee (his sliding leg) and three on the left knee.

"I started bowling duckpins when I was a kid," he said, "But switched to tenpins and then didn't bowl at all for 10 or 11 years, then I started again with tenpins back in 1986."

Throwing a 16-pound bowling ball, he's averaging 172 and has thrown a 300 game. His high series is 685.

And he's learned to bend with the changing lane conditions.

"Joe Doctor [NABI director] usually has a fair shot laid down," Quental said, "But at Ritchie it was a little tough if you didn't play inside. I was able to move inside and score pretty well."

He scored well enough to come out on top of a field of 167 and take home the $1,000 first-place check.

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