Name: Violet Peterson of Lorien Nursing and Rehabilitation...

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

November 14, 1993

Name: Violet Peterson of Lorien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Columbia.

Hobbies and other activities: Mrs. Peterson started teaching fellow resident Irene Nicholson to read after Mrs. Nicholson's first reading tutor, Margery Koudelka, was discharged from the nursing home. In addition to the daily tutoring sessions, Mrs. Peterson enjoys playing bingo and participating in the happy hours and coffee klatches at Lorien.

Organization's comments: No one asked Violet Peterson to continue with Mrs. Nicholson's reading lessons, said Yolanda Walton, volunteer coordinator at Lorien.

When Mrs. Koudelka left Lorien a couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Peterson decided to continue the lessons. "She gets a kick out of it," Ms. Walton said.

After lunch each day, the two women spend about an hour on reading lessons. The lessons started about a month ago when Mrs. Nicholson, 85, suddenly announced that she wanted to read. "She came out one day and said she wanted to learn to read," Ms. Walton said. "She knows a lot of the Bible, but she has never been taught to read."

Volunteer's comments: "I have a box of flash cards, and I show her the card. She is coming along fine," Mrs. Peterson said. "It gives me something to do, and when she gets tired, she tells me."

About Mrs. Peterson: Mrs. Peterson, 68, was born in Altoona, Pa. She has lived in Baltimore most of her life. She and her husband, Lietarte, enjoy spending time with her four nieces and one nephew.

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