Source of PrideI am writing this because I would like to...


November 13, 1993

Source of Pride

I am writing this because I would like to share my opinion of an aspect of Dulaney High School that has gone unnoticed.

Many people look at the strong athletics, student government and academics that engender pride in Dulaney and its students. This is all well and good, but there is another source of pride that I feel should be shown.

For the first time, inclusion students have been mainstreamed into Dulaney High School. Many people have different views about this. I think it is wonderful.

I am a peer assistant to a boy named Matthew. Every day during second period, I help him in his art class. This is definitely the highlight of my day. I and many other students are learning a lot from the inclusion students.

These students are extremely eager to learn, cooperative and talented. They are very happy with themselves and grateful for the opportunity to attend Dulaney.

I have learned a lot about myself from these students. I have been taught how to be happy with little things and how to work hard at something even when it seems beyond my reach.

Most of all, I have made a great friend in Matthew and in the other students as well.

So now, when someone asks me what I like best about Dulaney, I tell them my second period art class.

Ashley Dorr



With continuing amusement, I have been reading the recent articles and editorials encouraging various candidates to consider the race for governor in 1994.

The implied message is, apparently, that The Sun is unaware of, or unimpressed with, those who have already made their intentions known. I find this surprising, if true.

Among the candidates already in the race is the very qualified lieutenant governor, Melvin A. Steinberg.

As a long-time resident of Baltimore County and an admirer of Mr. Steinberg, I am disturbed that The Sun believes it necessary to look elsewhere for a candidate.

In fact, I recall numerous editorials and articles in The Sun over the past 10 years praising Mr. Steinberg's leadership.

In my estimation, no one is more experienced, talented or informed on the issues than Mr. Steinberg. He led the state with great skill as Senate president; he was in charge of a very successful legislative agenda during his first term as lieutenant governor.

The recent falling out with Gov. William Donald Schaefer for opposing the administration's $800 million tax package is further testimony to his good judgment and independence.

How about providing your readers with fair and objective coverage of Mr. Steinberg?

Lindsay D. Dryden III


Road to Riches?

NAFTA -- do we really hafta?

Sure, President Clinton can line up a bunch of economists who will promise that the North American Free Trade Agreement will eventually lead to prosperity for all Americans, but do you really want to bet your job that they're right?

Who knows, these may be the same economists who told Ronald Reagan that he could cut taxes, increase military spending and still balance the budget by 1984.

You do not need to have a Ph.D in economics to know what is happening to this country. You are reminded every time you buy what you think is an old familiar American brand name product only to find "Tailored in Sri Lanka," "Assembled in Malaysia" or "Made in China" stamped on the back.

Do we really think that we can dismantle our entire industrial base and still maintain our prosperity by exporting "Beavis and Butt-head" re-runs down that "electronic superhighway" to Mexico?

We had better get our act together before we became just another Third World country.

People like me voted for Bill Clinton because we wanted change. Instead we got the same tired, worn-out programs, personalities and policies left over from the Bush administration.

Robert Yaes


Bombers Away

Apparently the blitzkrieg of B-26 ("Flying Coffin") bombers has begun.

With four stations providing Desert Storm-type coverage of the National Football League owners' vote, one would think that something momentous was happening in Baltimore. Now how are the people that count affected by this tremendous event?

Peter Jay seems to be the only person with his head screwed on correctly with his Oct. 27 column.

I realize that there is little of value left in Baltimore, but certainly adding a National Football League team can be the height of achievement.

Perhaps if Charm City, alias "The City That Reads," spent a little more time and effort worrying about education it wouldn't be having to resort to tourism to support it.

Maybe the city wouldn't have 200,000-plus functional illiterates. I would think that $140 million could be better spent in Baltimore.

What would H.L. Mencken have to say about all this folderol?

R. D. Bush


Bad Drivers

On contemplating the Gallimaufry item on driving habits (Oct. 23), I note that there seems to be an increasing incidence of the average citizen's failure to heed the letter of the law in his driving habits.

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