Around the house* Clean fabric-covered photo albums with a...


November 13, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Clean fabric-covered photo albums with a soft-bristle baby's brush dipped in a mild soap-and-water solution. Sponge off with clear water and let dry. Test first in inconspicuous area to make sure material is colorfast.

* Keep a child's mop in the bathroom to clean tub or shower walls without stooping, kneeling or stretching.

* When trying to retrieve a lost item such as a contact lens or earring, place an old stocking over the end of the vacuum hose. The suction will pick up the missing item, but the stocking will prevent its going into the vacuum cleaner.

* Clean baked-on stains of enameled pots. Sprinkle soiled area with baking soda. Add some water and let soak overnight. Use a nylon scrubber to remove stains.

In the garden

* Protect weak shrubbery from winter winds with a burlap screen. Healthy bushes usually come through the winter without much injury. Plants that have had diseases or are in poorly drained beds are especially susceptible to winter injury.

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