Neither worker gets her way at Westminster Burger King

November 12, 1993|By Darren M. Allen | Darren M. Allen,Staff Writer

Melinda Farace wanted the french fries served one way. Tina Cross wanted them another way.

As it turned out, neither of the Westminster Burger King employees got to have the fries served her way.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Cross, a 24-year-old shift supervisor, told Ms. Farace to serve the last batch of fresh french fries to a customer at the restaurant counter, Westminster police said yesterday.

Ms. Farace, 26, wanted the fries to go to a customer at the drive-through window.

Upset at Ms. Cross' decision, Ms. Farace threw some french fry baskets on the floor and approached her boss, police said. Ms. Cross grabbed Ms. Farace, who, in turn, grabbed Ms. Cross. The two grabbed each other's hair -- as customers watched -- until a store manager separated them, said city police spokesman Lt. Randy Barnes.

Neither woman was hurt, the spokesman said.

Both reported the fight to Westminster police Wednesday. Police did not file charges.

Police did not say whether either of the customers got the fries.

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