Now or never? Memphis stays in the NFL race

November 11, 1993|By Ken Murray

The lead investor for Memphis, Tenn., said yesterday that his group would remain in the NFL expansion race after all.

On Oct. 29, three days after NFL owners deferred a decision on a second expansion city, cotton merchant William B. Dunavant said his group wanted to step back from the process and assess Memphis' chances of getting a team.

Yesterday, Dunavant cited the confusion that surrounds St. Louis' application as one of the reasons the group would reapply. St. Louis has two ownership groups contending for a franchise.

St. Louis has two ownership groups contending for a franchise and yesterday news surfaced that there may be a third group involved.

Dunavant said his group would sign a new franchise agreement and forward the required paperwork to the league office by Monday's deadline.

Memphis' financial package, which includes a down payment of $116 million of the franchise fee of $142 million, will remain the same.

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