Finksburg Pizza Hut gains license will serve beer, wine

November 11, 1993|By Amy Miller | Amy Miller,Staff Writer

Finksburg residents will be able to order a brew with their Bigfoot soon, now that their local Pizza Hut has a Class B beer, wine and liquor license.

Carroll County's liquor board approved the license Tuesday after a packed hearing. No one protested the license.

"I'm thrilled, I really think it's needed," said Karen Horsey, who applied for the license under the corporation name, Karen's Pizza Inc. Ms. Horsey is the director of operations for Pizza Hut of Maryland.

The license was not granted directly to Pizza Hut of Maryland, because state law prohibits corporations from owning more than one liquor license. Therefore, individual corporations are created for each restaurant in the chain.

The license takes effect as soon as a written notice is issued, which the board will do within a week.

In granting the license, liquor board members said they were concerned that the majority of the Finksburg Pizza Hut waitresses were younger than 18. Only six of the 14 waitresses are 18 or older.

Maryland law dictates that a restaurant server must be 18 or older to bring alcohol to the table. Only employees 21 or older may pour alcoholic beverages.

Ms. Horsey assured the board that, if necessary, she would hire someone simply to pour beer and wine and bring it to the table. Stronger liquor is prohibited under the Pizza Hut franchise agreement, she said.

"We will be gearing our hiring to people over 18," she said after the hearing. "But everyone will stay employed with our store. We will accommodate everyone."

In other liquor board news, members agreed to transfer a liquor license from Vince's Pizza and Subs to Sonny's Pizza and Subs II.

Dennis Wayne Shugars of Sykesville and his wife, Patricia, have bought the Eldersburg sub shop from Vince and Joanne Lioi of Marriottsville.

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