Thomas tops campaign funding list Delegate has $56,452 for 1994

Ecker is 2nd with $33,544

and Bobo is 3rd

November 11, 1993|By James M. Coram | James M. Coram,Staff Writer

A campaign financing chart in Thursday's Howard edition incorrectly characterized financial reports for five candidates. The listings for Joel Fleischmann II, George L. Layman and Frank Turner should have indicated that they are not required to file a report until Aug. 16.

Charles A. Acquard and Mark R. Riso had not filed documents related to their 1994 campaign committees, and are not required to file financial reports until they do.

+ The Sun regrets the error.

An article in yesterday's Howard edition of the Sun incorrectly described the 1990 election for state delegate in District 13A. Democratic Del. Virginia M. Thomas ran against Republican James Morgan.


The Sun regrets the errors.

Campaign financing reports now available in Ellicott City show that Del. Virginia M. Thomas is very well off, politically speaking.

Ms. Thomas, D-13A, is such a force in east Columbia that the Republicans didn't bother to run anyone against her in the last election. She has a bankroll of $56,452 to use in whatever race she decides to enter in 1994.

One thing that sets Ms. Thomas apart is her ability to raise money from political action committees -- $12,360 in the past 12 months, a third of the $35,846 in new money she received.

Outside of Howard County, Ms. Thomas' campaign account would hardly be called a war chest. Gubernatorial contenders, for example, say they will need $3 million or more to mount a credible campaign.

Thanks to a change in campaign reporting requirements statewide, candidates' financial reports were due Monday in local election board offices as well as the state election board in Annapolis.

The reports available at the election board in Ellicott City are for the current reporting period only -- Nov. 18, 1992 to Nov. 1, 1993. People who want to see what candidates raised and spent before then will still have to go to the state election board.

County Executive Charles I. Ecker is a distant second behind Ms. Thomas with $33,544 in his campaign accounts. He has raised $42,587 during the past year and enough in previous years to pay off the $30,000 he lent his campaign in 1990. Homebuilder Chip Lundy has been his most ardent supporter so far, contributing $2,150.

It cost Mr. Ecker $4,400 in fund-raising expenses to raise this year's total. He also spent $1,500 on T-shirts.

Contributors may give $10,000 to Maryland politicians during a four-year election cycle, provided they give no more than $4,000 to any one candidate.

Some candidates have been slow to comply with the new law requiring local candidates to file a duplicate of their report with the local office.

County Council member C. Vernon Gray, D-3rd, has not yet filed a financial report, and the reports of some first-time contenders are missing as well. The report from council member Paul R. Farragut, R-4th, has been filed in Annapolis but not in Ellicott City.

County Council Chairwoman Shane Pendergrass, D-1st, has raised $15,546 in the past year. Adding that to her previous balance of $9,124 gives her a $21,589 head start for 1994 -- more than any council member. Ms. Pendergrass has announced that she will be running for state office next year, but like Ms. Thomas, has not indicated yet which office that will be.

Despite her battles with Coca-Cola about where to locate its bottling plant, the company gave Ms. Pendergrass $500. Her biggest contributor has been Kathleen Liparini, wife of developer John Liparini, with gifts of $1,186. Ms. Liparini was Ms. Pendergrass' Lamaze instructor when Ms. Pendergrass had her first child 14 years ago. Hunan Manor Restaurant has also contributed $1,000 to her campaign.

Next behind Ms. Pendergrass is council hopeful Dennis Schrader, who lost to Ms. Pendergrass by 282 votes in the last election. He has raised $16,818 in the last year and has a balance of $15,088 after expenses. Mr. Lundy, Mr. Ecker's biggest supporter, has given Mr. Schrader $490; Cathryn Lundy has given him $485.

Councilman Charles C. Feaga, R-5th, has $13,818 ready for 1994. Political rival John C. Taylor has $521. Like incumbent Councilman Darrel Drown, Mr. Taylor, who has switched parties and may run as a Democrat against Mr. Ecker, has yet to ask for money for 1994. Mr. Drown, R-2nd, has $2,006 left over from a previous campaign.

In Ms. Thomas' district, no other delegate candidate has more than $1,400 in the bank. Wanda Hurt indicates that she raised $12,267 in the past year, but most of that was based on paintings and watercolors she gave her campaign for an auction at a fund-raiser.

Because of redistricting, Del. Martin G. Madden, R-13B, will likely be a candidate from District 13A in 1994. Mr. Madden raised $21,507 over the past year, including $4,130 in political action committee contributions. Mr. Madden has $23,832 left in the bank after expenses, but has debts outstanding of $15,974.

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