County sues state over retiree benefits

November 10, 1993|By Staff Report

The Carroll County government has asked a judge to decide whether the county or the state has to pay a portion of benefits for retired employees of the Carroll County Election Board.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in Carroll Circuit Court, the county says that more than $2,000 paid on the retirees' behalf is the state's responsibility.

Until March, the state paid the benefits, but now is seeking the return of those payments. The state also is seeking to have the county make all future contributions to the benefits fund.

This spring, the state moved to recover the money from Carroll County and to compel Carroll to continue paying the benefits. One of the ways the state wants to collect the money is to deduct it from grants and other direct payments to the county.

County officials believe that the payments are to state employees and, therefore, are the state's responsibility, said County Attorney Charles W. "Chuck" Thompson Jr.

"We believe we are right, and they believe they are right," Mr. Thompson said yesterday.

The lawsuit also seeks to bar the state from deducting money it believes it is owed from grants and direct aid to the county.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are the office of the Comptroller of the Treasury and the State Administrative Board of Elections.

Assistant Attorney General Mary Lunden, who represents the two departments, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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