Hearing set on developers' plan to relocate Bachman Road

November 08, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

The proposed relocation of part of Bachman Road in Manchester will be the subject of a public hearing tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall, before the regular Town Council meeting.

The developers of the Blevins Claim subdivision propose relocating the section of Bachman Road that extends from the sharp turn one block south of Augusta Road to the intersection with Holland Drive.

The existing section of road would become a dead-end street. It would end in a cul-de-sac at the place where the sharp curve south of Augusta Road now exists.

A new section of road would be built, running through the proposed Blevins Claim development.

It would connect Holland Drive with Bachman Road at a new intersection one lot south of the present sharp curve.

Councilwoman Charlotte Collett, who serves on the town Planning and Zoning Commission, said Friday that she supports the change, which she said was suggested by the county for safety reasons.

Ron Church, manager of the county's Engineering Review Division, said Friday the closure of the old section of Bachman Road was suggested because, with the increased traffic generated on Bachman Road by the new development, it would not be safe to have two intersections so close together.

However, Manchester Mayor Earl A.J. "Tim" Warehime Jr. said Friday he opposes the relocation of Bachman Road.

He said he has concerns about storm water drainage along the section of Bachman Road to be closed under the plan.

The drainage there now is "marginal," he said.

If the relocation is approved, Mayor Warehime said, the developer would not have to make storm water management improvements along the existing stretch of Bachman Road.

If the road is not relocated, he said, the developer would have to make storm water management improvements before building homes along the undeveloped side of that part of Bachman Road.

Also tomorrow, during the regular Town Council meeting following the public hearing, the council is scheduled to try once more to elect a successor to former Councilman John A. Riley.

An ordinance setting new water and sewer rates is also on tomorrow night's agenda.

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