'Those guys' raise competition level at Mount Airy Holtzople meets mates' challenge


November 07, 1993|By DON VITEK

"Bowling with good bowlers, like Lee [Waltz] and those guys, sure helps your game," Larry Holtzople said. "You don't want to look bad and if you don't bowl really good they'll make you look bad."

"Those guys" are the members of the Wednesday Major Men's League at Mount Airy Lanes.

Holtzople, owner of Holtzople Oil Company, moved to New Windsor a few months ago.

Limiting his bowling to the single league at Mount Airy, he maintained a 128 average last season.

His career-high game and set were 214 and 487, respectively -- until this season.

On Sept. 15 his first two games were 146 and 148, good but not remarkable. The third game was remarkable. That was a 216 and gave Holtzople his first set over 500, a fine 510 series.

And that night, he didn't have to worry about looking bad.

The 500 man

Ron Clay Sr. bowls at Mount Airy in the Tuesday Men's Independent League and has been bowling in Mount Airy a long time.

"I started bowling there when there were just four lanes across main street from the bank," Clay said. "I was about 16 years old then. And I'm still using the same old [duckpin] balls from years ago. They still do the job."

Using those 3-pound, 10-ounce balls, he holds a 131 average. And he has posted four series over 500 with them. The most recent 500 series came Oct. 19 -- a 504, on games of 192, 179 and 133.

"That's the fourth 500 set I've thrown, three of them in one season," Clay said. "But I still haven't thrown a 200 game."

One of his 500 series was an awesome 538 but even that phenomenal set didn't have a 200 game.

"Twice I've shot a 198," said Clay, the maintenance supervisor for Montgomery County schools. "Twice in the last frame I had a two-pin setup for a spare and picked a pin off."

Rothenberger turning pro

Steve Rothenberger of Westminster has applied for his Professional Bowlers Association card.

"I'm waiting for approval from the PBA now," Rothenberger said. "While I'm waiting I'm allowed to bowl in PBA events, so I'll be bowling with the pros at Rhode Island and Albany [N.Y.] next month, then at the Showboat [Lanes] in Atlantic City a little later."

He has been bowling tenpins since he was 3 years old. He has a 217 average and a bunch of local tournament wins.

Owner of two 300 games and a 776 series, he was bowling on lanes 23 and 24 at Hampstead Bowling Center on Oct. 12, when he caught fire.

In the Tuesday league he fired games of 247, 260 and 256 for a superb 763 series.

"That broke the house record," said Ginny Blackowicz, marketing director for the center. "I believe it's just a matter of time until he bowls the first 300 game [at Hampstead] and, probably, the first 800 series."

A good week

Lee Letourneau has been bowling duckpins for about 20 years.

The Hampstead resident bowls in three leagues -- the Friday Night Mixed and the Tuesday Men's Commercial at Hampstead and the Saturday travel league. He averages in the high 130s usually, but right now he's averaging 145 in the Tuesday Men's Commercial.

On Oct. 19, he banged out a 199 game and a 480 series.

Four days later, in the Friday night league, he put together games of 184, 167 and 150 for a fine 501 series.

Neither the 199 nor the 501 set was a career high for Letourneau, though. Those figures are 232 and 541, respectively.

Tournament news

The 13th annual Fall Classic is now at Thunderhead Taneytown.

Today and each Sunday for the rest of the month, you can bowl from 1 p.m. until closing in this duckpin doubles event. First prize is $500.

Information: (410) 751-1750.

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