Californians dominate weekend at Melges 24 regatta in Galesville


November 07, 1993|By NANCY NOYES

In Galesville last weekend, the first Melges 24 U.S. National Championship Regatta drew 22 boats and crews for a five-race series in the West River managed by the West River Star fleet.

The field included world-class sailors such as current Star World Champion Joe Londrigan, Olympic gold medalist Mark Reynolds and several E-Scow U.S. champs, including Andy Burdick and Harry Melges III.

The regatta was dominated by Californians, who have more one-design experience racing in Melges 24s than local sailors, who started racing the boats one-design in September.

But sailmaker Scott Allan of Annapolis was still in the top 10 when he sailed Jerry Cann's Crusader Rabbit to eighth in the series, with Joan Watts, Charlie DuVall and Rob Shapiro as his crew, while Annapolitan Paul Murphy sailed with Londrigan to fifth.

Saturday's breezes from the east and northeast at 18 to 22 put the racers to a challenging test with plenty of high-speed planing on the leeward legs. Sunday was more of a mental challenge as the air dropped off to 10 or less in drizzle.

A premature start for the Good Vibrations team of Melges and Brian Porter dropped them to fourth overall despite otherwise strong finishes, including two firsts and two seconds.

Melges 24 U.S. National Championship

1. Ice Man, Tim Hahnke, Carlsbad, Calif., 22.5; 2. Nantucket Sleighride, Greg Dorland, Portola Valley, Calif., 26; 3. Zenda Flyer, Chuck Allen, West Yarmouth, Mass., 26.75; 4. Good Vibrations, Brian Porter, Zenda, Wis., 29.5; 5. No. 76, Joe Londrigan, El Segundo, Calif., 33.75.

J/24 East Coast Championship

With 61 boats on the mostly wet and chilly starting lines, the J/24 East Coast Championship went off out of Severn Sailing Association last weekend, producing some exciting competition.

Two races went off last Friday, with another two Saturday and a series-ender Sunday, using windward-leeward courses in moderate to heavy breeze off Annapolis.

Newport, R.I., sailors Brad Read and Ed Adams took the top two slots, with Annapolis fleet members Doug Clark and Tony Parker third and fourth.

A disqualification for a forced foul in the second race for Harwood native Terry Hutchinson, and a premature start in the third contest for five-time world champion Ken Read dropped these top sailors -- both of whom would have been in the top three otherwise -- back to eighth and seventh, respectively.

A return for a restart after being judged a premature starter resulted in a 43rd-place finish in the third race for Steve Ulian and also bumped him down to fifth.

J/24 East Coast Championship

1. Brad Read, Newport, R.I., 19, (2-3-3-4-7); 2. Ed Adams, Newport, R.I., 22.75 (5-5-1-8-4); 3. Doug Clark, Annapolis, 34 (6-8-6-9-5); 4. Tony Parker, Washington, 35 (7-9-4-5-10); 5. Steve Ulian, Marblehead, Mass., 51.75 (4-2-43-1-2); 6. Zaleski/Zaleski, Stamford, Conn., 58 (12-11-5-18-12); 7. Ken Read, Bristol, R.I., 69.5 (1-1-PMS-3-3); 8. Terry Hutchinson, Traverse City, Mich., 69.75 (3-DSQ-2-2-1); 9. Jay Herman, Annapolis, 74 (14- 15-18-13-14); 10. Stu Challoner, (hometown unavailable), 77 (8-12-7-21-29).

Smith Women's Regatta

This year's Roy Smith Memorial Regatta for women sailors was wet, cold and windy last week near Annapolis and presented by the Shearwater Sailing Club.

Winning overall was the team of Betsy Prout and Gail Owings sailing Sea Biscuit, a J/30. Because the Roy Smith is the official women's championship for the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association, the women's win in this event made them the year's champions.

Only a single class of seven all-female crews took part, but competition was tight with less than a minute's margin of victory in two of the three races and about a minute and a half in the other.

Roy Smith Memorial Regatta

1. Sea Biscuit, Betsy Prout/Gail Owings, Grasonville/Millington, 3.5 (1-1-2); 2. Bear Boat, Bonnie Schloss, Silver Spring, 7 (2-2-3); 3. Twilight Zone, Smythe/Swangler, Yardley, Pa., 11 (3-3-5).

IMS Skipper Series

Annapolis Yacht Club gave three classes of IMS racers a real workout last weekend with the multi-race Skippers Regatta.

In heavy air and driving rain on Saturday, the racers contended with three windward-leeward contests.

Sunday was a little less brutal, with lower winds and only two races on the agenda.

The event was popular and turnout was high nevertheless, with 23 of the 27 entrants coming out to race in what, for the IMS class, remains a relatively unusual format with several short-course races each day.

IMS Skipper Regatta

IMS A (5 starters): 1. Ramrod, Bert Jabin, Annapolis, 9.5 (1-2-2-4-1); 2. Gaucho, Peter Gordon, Annapolis, 10.75 (2-1-3-3-2); Full Cry, Robert Crompton, Coatesville, Pa., 11.5 (4-3-1-1-3).

IMS B (6 starters): 1. Skoal IV, B. Allardice, (hometown unavailable), 8.5 (1-3-2-2-1); 2. Windward, Geoff Stagg, Annapolis, 9.5 (2-1-1-4-2); 3. Battlewagon, John Hanna, Seaford, Va., 15 (4-2-3-3-3).

IMS C (12 starters): 1. Imp, Purcell/Keyworth, Palm Beach/Annapolis, 11 (2-2-3-2-2); 2. Hot Toddy, Jeff Todd, Annapolis, 13.5 (5-1-1-3-4); 3. The Knife, Mack Latz, Atlantic City, N.J., 15.25 (1-4-9-1-1); 4. Moonbeam, Kevin McNeil, Annapolis, 22 (3-10-2-4-3); 5. Jake, Sandy Morse, Annapolis, 25 (4-3-8-5-5).

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