1993 Art in Nature event at Hashawha canceled

November 07, 1993|By Staff Report

The Hashawha and Bear Branch Advisory Council and Carroll County Arts Council have canceled the 1993 Art in Nature show and sale, scheduled for Nov. 20-21 at Hashawha Environmental Center.

Hilary Pierce, the Arts Council's director, said a combination of factors contributed to the decision not to have the 1993 show.

"We have a planning committee from the Hashawha and Bear Branch Advisory Council, the Arts Council and other volunteers that will get together to discuss reformatting the show," Ms. Pierce said.

"We decided we could better the show by working with people who are professionals at putting on these kinds of shows."

The opening of Bear Branch Nature Center was one factor that affected the show. The new nature center could offer a wider base of support for an environmental theme to the show, which already focused on nature, she said.

"Lots of new ideas have been suggested for the show -- incorporating lectures, adding more environmental preservation," Ms. Pierce said. "We're also looking at moving it away from the holidays, maybe earlier in the fall."

The late November weather was yet another factor: the 1992 show fell on a rainy, cold, windy day that lowered turnout, Ms. Pierce said.

Participation by artists also was lower this year when the two councils decided to cancel the show.

"So, it's all these new components: Bear Branch, the economy, the volunteer base," Ms. Pierce said. "This does not mean it won't happen again, it just means it will be better by looking at past shows and incorporating new ideas into it."

For further information on the Art in Nature Show, or if you would like to volunteer to help with the program, contact Ms. Pierce at the Arts Council at 848-7272.

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