Volunteer Work: Frank Brown has been a volunteer with PATH...


November 07, 1993

Volunteer Work: Frank Brown has been a volunteer with PATH (People Aiding Travelers and the Homeless Inc.) for more than 13 years at information booths at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Volunteer's comment: "When I first retired, I was sitting home watching TV and saw an ad about a travelers aid society, so I got in touch with them, and ever since I got started, it's been a thrill, a real joy.

"Normally each person goes one day a week for four hours. But it was such a joy, when the time period became available right after mine, I asked if I could come in then, too. So I'm there once a week for eight hours, and I look forward to every Wednesday.

"It's a joy helping people and meeting people from other countries. Sometimes people come right up to us, but many times you can see people are confused and you walk over to them to see if you can help. It's important to me to be like an ambassador for the country, the state and even the county.

"There was one elderly gentleman from Israel once, He asked for my name, address and phone number, and he called me from Israel, thanking me for helping him. There was also a man from France, who called me from there, thanking me.

"There's been a few occasions when people have asked, 'How does one get a job doing this?' believing we get paid for it, but you know this is one thing where the money isn't as important as the good feeling you get helping others.

"We're located at two sections in the airport, at Pier C at Pier D.

"PATH is a wonderful organization."

About the volunteer: Mr. Brown, a county resident since 1963, retired from his job as a customer service representative for the Post Office in 1978. He was born in Baltimore and attended Morgan State University.

He is the organist and director of music at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Baltimore on Wall Brook Avenue.

About the organization: PATH offices, located in Baltimore, serve the Central Maryland region but are linked with more than 3,000 other traveler's aid groups nationwide in what Carol Green, PATH director of volunteer services, calls "a chain of service."

PATH services include emergency assistance, counseling and resettling, employment programs for the homeless, transportation assistance for AIDS patients, in addition to staffing the information booths for travelers at the airport and Penn Station in Baltimore.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact the offices at 685-3569.

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