Angelos set to meet with Melvin, Robinson Devereaux draws trade interest

November 06, 1993|By Jim Henneman | Jim Henneman,Staff Writer

Peter Angelos will most likely wait until the middle of next week before interviewing the Orioles' two assistant general managers, Frank Robinson and Doug Melvin.

"I want to wait until I've had a chance to talk with Roland [Hemond, general manager]" said the new owner. "And knowing him, he'll probably have a few [possible] trades he wants to talk about."

Angelos has said that Hemond will assume the baseball duties of departed club president Larry Lucchino, who resigned last month. He also indicated that Melvin would inherit the general manager job, with Robinson being asked to remain in an assistant's role.

"But I want to sit down with both of them before doing anything," said Angelos. "And before I do, I want a chance to talk some more with Roland. It will probably be the middle of the week before I meet with them [Robinson and Melvin]."

Although both have aspirations of a GM's job, Angelos said he was hopeful that Robinson and Melvin could continue to work together. "They both have done well, they both deserve consideration -- and they both will get that," said Angelos.

"I think they can continue to work together. That's one of Roland's talents, being able to blend all three [including Hemond] into one team.

"I have my thoughts, but before I make a decision I want to hear what each of them have to say. They have a right to be heard -- and to expect to be given that opportunity."

Hemond returned last night from Florida, where he, Robinson and Melvin attended the annual meeting of general managers. He spent much of the week sorting through possibilities from the various trade rumors and will brief Angelos at a meeting Monday.

The Orioles were hoping to get a line on potential trades before turning their attention to free agents, but with that season now open it is certain the emphasis will shift.

"We talked to a lot of teams about a lot of players," said Hemond. "We all have a little better feel for what might happen and we're going to continue to explore some possibilities."

The Boston Red Sox and Colorado

Rockies, both interested in a center fielder, have inquired about Mike Devereaux. There is also some interest in younger players, including Paul Carey and Mark Smith, plus a few others at the lower minor-league level.

But, as has been the case in the past, trades tend to depend on what teams do in the free-agent market. Last night was the deadline for filing and those who have done so are free to negotiate with all teams starting Monday. They had been restricted to negotiating with their present teams.

The Orioles are expected to make immediate inquiries about first basemen Rafael Palmeiro and Will Clark and a few pitchers, including Mark Portugal, a 31-year old right-hander who was 18-4 with a 2.77 ERA with the Houston Astros last year.

"To some degree we have a list [of free agents]," said Hemond. "In some cases, the agents have said they'd get back to us when we could talk -- in other cases they simply wait until the [filing] deadline has passed."

The bidding line is now forming, and this time the Orioles won't be mere spectators.

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