Calvert Hall-Loyola: no Memorial City says stadium use 'impossible'

November 06, 1993|By Lem Satterfield | Lem Satterfield,Staff Writer

Contrary to state Sen. American Joe Miedusiewski's assertion Wednesday, the 73rd annual Calvert Hall-Loyola football game has not secured Memorial Stadium, two city officials said yesterday.

Under a contract with the Department of Recreation and Parks, the stadium is being used through mid-winter by Morgan Creek Productions to film "Major League II," forcing the Thanksgiving Day game -- which had been played in the stadium since 1944 -- to another site.

But Miedusiewski, a 1967 Calvert Hall graduate, said Wednesday night that plans had been made with the production company's owner to allow the game to be played at Memorial.

Miedusiewski could not be reached for comment last night.

"To my knowledge, no one came through Recreation and Parks to find out if this was do-able -- and it is not," said Clint Coleman, press secretary for Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke.

"It's physically impossible," Coleman said. "Even with all the man-power in the city government, even with someone willing to pay for it. The crew would have to work day and night for a substantial amount of overtime -- and it still wouldn't be ready."

Miedusiewski said after conferring with "everyone from the ground up," he called production company owner Jim Robinson, a former Dundalk resident. Miedusiewski said Robinson was not filming the day of the game, and agreed to have his crew "pack everything up" after Wednesday's session.

"Nobody talked to me or the stadium manager," said Calvin Bukema, superintendent of Parks for the city. "I don't know how these people arrived at this, but we are not going to play this game there.

Bukema said preparing the stadium for the next day's game would involve too much work in little time.

"It's not so much the money, but taking down the outfield fence, lining the field, putting the goal posts up, setting up sideline benches, activating the scoreboard and the sound system, which have been winterized. . ."

Both schools were notified in early October that the stadium was not available. A letter from Stephanie S. Esworthy, administrative supervisor of the city's Recreation and Parks, to the schools' athletic directors indicated that the stadium was under contract until late December.

As the host administrator, Loyola athletic director Jerry Savage is in charge of finding a new location. After a Nov. 2 meeting with Towson State officials, Savage indicated that he was "very close" to an agreement to play at the Tigers' Minnegan Stadium.

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