The style buzz: Stars, garters and short hair

Fashion from New York

November 05, 1993|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Fashion Editor

New York -- As spring fashion week grinds to a grand finish, the clothes and trends are running together but the models are easy to sort out.

This year's familiars are the crop tops who look like baby Marines in a boot camp cut. No bald this season. Canadian phenom Eve has let her hair grow out to a stubbly fuzz which still allows her tattooed scalp to shine through.

Eve in a bridal ensemble is scary.

The other short cuts are more cuddly -- not yet supermodels, but they'll grow into it: Berri, Emma, Jenny, Lucie and baby Jamie.

After five days of back-to-belly lines here, we're all on a first-name basis.

So just call him Ralph. That's what the Lauren calls the secondary line he premiered along with his Polo Sport and Ralph Lauren collections.

Ralph is his answer to Donna's DKNY and Calvin's CK labels. Ralph sounds so wearer-friendly, as are the clothes (and the prices promise to be).

They look young and kicky with enough designer detail to separate them from the street set.

The full-name Ralph Lauren collection was the best-in-shows so far, doing what Ralph does best.

He's still building designs on the days of Empire, this season looking to the climate of Indochina with high-collared colonial DTC shirts and khaki and olive battle jackets all mixed with shorts, body suits and silk sarongs.

His models wore straw coolie hats and looked totally elegant.

On the other side of the globe, the Todd Oldham road show took to America's highways with roadhouse postcard photo print dresses that were hitched and hiked.

The fashion roadies were there.

Actor Christian Slater was rooting for model Christy Turlington.

Jaye Davidson of "Crying Game" fame was making a fashion state ment in undershirt, major tattoos and gray-skirted suit.

And Chili Pepper rocker Anthony Kiedis dressed down to a tank undershirt.

The clothes were right-on and terrific, but everybody seemed to be having too much fun to care.

Accessory warning note: Garter belts are showing up everywhere.

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