Severo OchoaWon Nobel PrizeMADRID, Spain -- Severo Ochoa...


November 04, 1993

MADRID, SPAIN — Severo Ochoa

Won Nobel Prize

MADRID, Spain -- Severo Ochoa, who won the 1959 Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology for his discovery of an enzyme that can synthesize RNA, died Monday of pneumonia.

The 88-year-old biochemist shared the Nobel Prize with Stanford University biochemist Arthur Kornberg. Their work helped scientists understand how hereditary information contained in the genes is transmitted. RNA transmits the genetic information encoded in DNA and is important in the creation of proteins in the cell.

* John 'Mike' Mihalowski, 82, who won the Medal of Honor for his role in the rescue of 33 sailors from the submarine USS Squalus when it sank in 1939, died Friday in Largo, Fla. Although the Medal of Honor is rarely given in peacetime, the nation's highest military honor went to Mr. Mihalowski and three other Navy divers for their heroism in the rescue of sailors trapped aboard the downed sub. Twenty-nine of the 62 people on board died when it sank May 22, 1939, after its launching from Isle of Shoals, N.H.

* Slovak politician Roman Zelenay,40, died Monday in a car accident while en route to Germany. He was an ally of the Slovak premier, Vladimir Meciar, and vice chairman of Slovakia's Movement For Democratic Slovakia.

* Robert J. Strasser, 46, chairman and chief executive officer of Adidas America, died in a Munich hospital after collapsing at an Adidas meeting in Germany Saturday.

* Roy H. Park, 83, who helped create Duncan Hines foods and then built the Park Communications media group that made him one of the country's richest men, died Oct. 25 in in New York City.

* Lord Grimond, 80, an opponent of big government who helped strengthen England's Liberal Party in the 1950s and 1960s, died of a stroke Oct. 24.

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