These days, boots are afoot

November 04, 1993|By Knight-Ridder News Service

This fall, fashionable men will add ankle-hugging boots to their wardrobes.

Partial credit for bringing boots into vogue goes to counterculture youths who popularized steel-toed work boots, square-toed motorcycle boots and footwear from army surplus stores. The revival also can be attributed to fashion cycles: after slip-ons, oxfords and lace-up shoes' extended run, it's time for something different.

What goes with what:

* For the urban outdoorsman look, choose a brown boot with a waffled sole.

* Rubber-soled boots akin to canvas high-top sneakers work for a jaunty sportswear look.

* Jeans and peg-legged khakis look best with variations on the black, square-toed motorcycle boot.

* Buckled or slip-on ankle boots are most fitting for straight-legged trousers.

* To finish off fall's layered look, go with army boots (polished or scruffy, depending on personal preference) or unlaced mountain boots.

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