Puppy love costly to owner

November 02, 1993|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

KEY WEST, Fla. -- Like some tales of love gone astray, the short romance of Rocky and Canella ended in court.

Rocky, a Chihuahua, somehow managed to impregnate Canella, a Rottweiler, very much against the wishes of Canella's owner, Kevin Foley of Key Largo.

So Mr. Foley sued Rocky's owner, Dayami Diaz. Last week, Monroe County Judge Reagan Ptomey ordered Mr. Diaz to pay Mr. Foley $2,567.50.

According to Judge Ptomey's two-page order, this is what happened:

Canella was in heat, and Mr. Foley planned to breed her "to an acceptable male so that a litter might be sold." Canella was on a leash on Mr. Foley's deck when Mr. Foley stepped inside.

"During this short absence as aforesaid, defendant's male Chihuahua Rocky entered plaintiff's property and Canella," the judge wrote. "A passing Animal Control officer observed Canella and Rocky passionately joined together and 'stopped to watch because of the difference in sizes' of the two dogs."

Mr. Foley took a color photograph of the scene while the animal control officer turned a hose on the dogs.

A month later, Mr. Foley learned that Canella was pregnant. The litter of 10 pups was terminated via hysterectomy, leaving Canella sterile.

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