Man beaten with poker by intruder

November 02, 1993|By Bill Talbott | Bill Talbott,Staff Writer

State police are searching for a man who forced his way into a Carroll County home, beat the resident with a fireplace poker, stole a .25-caliber revolver and escaped in the victim's pickup truck Sunday morning.

John Michael Blauvelt Sr., 37, of the 2000 block of Coon Club Road, was treated at Carroll County General Hospital for head, face and back injuries and released, according to police.

Mr. Blauvelt told investigators he answered a knock on the kitchen door about 8:40 a.m. and was confronted by a man who at first asked to use the telephone because his car was disabled nearby.

However, before Mr. Blauvelt could react to the stranger's request, he was pushed aside and the man burst into the kitchen. Mr. Blauvelt told police the intruder grabbed a chair and hit him on the side of the head, causing a black eye.

Mr. Blauvelt said: "I struggled with him for a short time, and we went from the kitchen into the living room, where he grabbed the poker from the rack beside the wood stove. He hit me across the back and then on the head, dazing me."

The victim fled the house to get away from his assailant and called police from a relative's house nearby. He was taken to the hospital, where 10 sutures were required to close the head wound.

While Mr. Blauvelt was out of the house, the man broke into a gun cabinet and stole the handgun and took the keys to a 1989 Toyota 4-by-4 pickup to make his escape.

The truck was recovered by state police in a wooded area along Alesia-Lineboro Road.

Mr. Blauvelt described his assailant as a white male, about 23 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing about 155 pounds.

The man was wearing "a dark flannel shirt under dark sweats and tennis shoes. He had two earrings in his left ear and repeated the word "crazy-crazy-crazy" during the assault, the victim said.

Mr. Blauvelt said he learned Sunday that a neighbor had seen a man with a cigarette and a beer standing at the rear of his house about 8 p.m. Saturday.

The injured man said he and his father often clean up boxes of beer cans from around a nearby farm pond, apparently used for partying. An old farmhouse and barn near the pond were destroyed by fire years ago, he said.

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