Annapolis: Get Out and Vote ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY

November 01, 1993

Tomorrow is Election Day in Annapolis. With a slate full of contested races and major issues facing the capital city, registered voters have ample motivation to vote. Here's a recap of our endorsements, which we first announced last week:

* Mayor: We endorse Larry Vincent over incumbent Democrat Alfred Hopkins and former mayor Dennis Callahan, an independent. Mr. Vincent, a downtown clothier with a history of civic activism, is a progressive, moderate Republican with a thoughtful platform. He ran for mayor in 1989 and lost. This is his time.

* Ward 1: Though Democratic challenger Craig Purcell's message of compromise is welcome after so many divisive debates, we believe incumbent John Hammond's fiscal expertise makes him an indispensable asset to the council.

* Ward 2: Incumbent Dean Johnson, an independent, is our choice over Democrat Richard Ackenback based on his constituent service.

* Ward 3: Three-term incumbent Democrat Sam Gilmer is well-liked, but his accomplishments have dwindled in recent years. Republican Steven C. Kerstetter brings a needed, fresh perspective.

* Ward 4: The choice between Republican Joseph Sachs, appointed recently to fill a vacant seat, and Democrat Shepard Tullier is a subjective matter of whose background best serves the city. We prefer Mr. Tullier's as a county planner over Mr. Sachs' civic experience.

* Ward 5: Challenger William G. Hill is an unknown; Democrat Carl O. Snowden, whom we favor, has been a strong voice for civil rights and the author of important legislation.

* Ward 6: Republican incumbent Wayne Turner is a tireless worker, but the edge belongs to Democrat Kenneth Kirby due to his focus on troubled youth and public housing issues.

* Ward 7: Democratic challenger Richard Staisloff's assets do not match Republican incumbent M. Theresa DeGraff's record of constituent service.

* Ward 8: Democrat Ellen Moyer, challenged by Republican John Rice, has a history of accomplishments regarding waterfront preservation and the maritime industry that merit her re-election.

In the Annapolis' elections, The Sun endorses Larry Vincent for mayor and for council, John Hammond, Dean Johnson, Steven C. Kerstetter, Shepard Tullier, Carl O. Snowden, Kenneth Kirby, M. Theresa DeGraff and Ellen Moyer.

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