Questions And Answers The President's Plan On Health Care

October 28, 1993

QUESTION: I recently purchased a retail convenience store, and I currently do not provide any benefits for my 10 employees. Our family has benefits through my wife's job at Johns Hopkins. I am almost breaking even, but I have a major concern about having to provide health care benefits for employees. S. B., Baltimore.

ANSWER: You will have to buy your own health insurance as well as insurance for your employees. That means you will have to pay more -- but Johns Hopkins gets to pay less -- for health insurance. And that is part of the reason for the reform. Large employers like Johns Hopkins have been subsidizing small businesses like yours by providing health insurance. But it isn't all bad. Any business with fewer than 75 employees is eligible for subsidies. Depending upon your pay rate and income, the new health insurance premiums may cost you anywhere from 3.5 percent to 7.9 percent of your payroll.

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