St. Louis still seeking investor

October 23, 1993|By Ken Murray

The ownership issue in St. Louis' NFL expansion effort remained in question yesterday. At one point, city organizers rented a hotel room for a tentative news conference to unveil a new majority investor. But no announcement was forthcoming.

"We rent lots of rooms for lots of reasons," said Al Kerth, a spokesman for the St. Louis effort.

Kerth said there was no timetable for an announcement of new ownership. The NFL is expected to select two expansion teams Tuesday in Chicago.

Speculation in St. Louis yesterday centered the possible addition of L. Stanley Kroenke as an investor.

Kroenke is a developer from Columbia, Mo., and a relative of the late Sam Walton, found of Wal-Mart. Kroenke is son-in-law to Walton's younger brother, James "Bud" Walton.

Earlier in the week, Houston businessman Robert McNair was negotiating with Jerry Clinton, who heads the St. Louis effort.

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